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Mangalia Industrial Park Management

Share Capital : 10,000 lei
J13/3533/2003, CUI RO 15989092
St.Intrarea Portului no.1 , Mangalia, OP nr.1, CP-32
Phone/Fax: +40341.566.942       Mobile phone: +40744.823.545
Contact person : executive director ing. Ioan Ungurean

If you want to be our business partner please download the folder to find out which are the criteria for the selection of the economic agents that request the rent of buildings or land in Mangalia Industrial Park.


If you are not having difficulties with the criteria for selection please fill out a questionnaire (application), sign it, stamp it and hand it in at our headquarters or mail it to the address above.


For any other questions, additional information, suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.